8x8 Persian Rug Hand Knotted Fine Bijar Kurdish Town Weavers COMPACT WOOL CARPET

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About this Handmade Rug: SKU : B-72341 Proudly presenting you an Original Handmade Persian Bijar Rug. It’s not machine made, nor hand-tufted, it is authentic hand knotted in Iran. Please refer to the last picture (the back of the rug), which shows the authenticity of the weave. In creating this rug during a long process, careful attention to each critical element of design, material, color, and workmanship was painstakingly undertaken to meet customers expectations.

DETAILS: Shape: Rectangle, Country Of Manufacture: Iran, Material: 100% Wool, Pattern: Medallion, Rug Type: Area Rugs, Pile: Wool, Condition: Perfect, Age: 1970-1999, Woven: Hand Knotted - NOT Machine made nor Hand Tufted, Size: 8' x 8', Color: Ivory, Brand: Harooni, Style: Traditional - Persian/Oriental, Regional Design: Persian Bijar, Warp&weft: Cotton, Color: Ivory, Design: Persian Bijar, Field color: Ivory, Exact Size: 8' 3'' x 8' 4'', Woven: Hand Knotted - NOT Machine made nor Hand Tufted, Additional Details: Warehouse Clearance- Never Used - PERFECT, Foundation: 100% Cotton, Age: 1970-1999, Border color: Midnight Blue, Size: 8' x 8'.

GENERAL Bijar Background Information: Bidjar-Handmade in Iran Bidjar/Bijar rugs are tightly woven, and highly prized for their thick but very tightly packed weft. Bidjar rugs are appreciated not only for their rich design and character but also for their strong, dense quality, hence, they are being called "Iron rug".Bidjar rugs are mostly woven from wool on a cotton warp and weft. Their design is unique and not imitated by other rug making areas. They predominantly utilize the Turkish symmetrical knot as well as the Persian asymmetrical knot. The colors run the full spectrum of the color pallet.A Bidjar is a very rugged and durable rug and is destined to become a treasured family heirloom passed on for generations.

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