CLEARANCE SALE Gray Rug 2' 6'' x 20' Runner Handmade Traditional Mahal

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About this Handmade Rug: SKU : B-71889 This is a genuine Handmade Mahal Rug. It is not machine made, nor hand-tufted, it is authentic hand knotted, recently imported from India. Please refer to the last picture (the back of the rug), which shows the authenticity of the weave.

DETAILS: Size: 2' 6'' x 20', Color: Gray, Brand: BestRugPlace, Foundation: 100% Cotton, Sku: B-71889, Pile: Wool, Condition: Perfect, Relatively Loose Weave, Quality Wool, Age: 2000-Now, Woven: Hand Knotted, Exact Size: 2' 6'' x 20' 0'', Woven: Hand Knotted, Pattern: Floral, Rug Type: Area Rugs, Regional Design: Mahal, Warp&weft: Cotton, Color: Gray, Design: Mahal, Field color: Gray, Country Of Manufacture: India, Material: 100% Wool, Style: Traditional - Persian/Oriental, Condition: Perfect, Relatively Loose Weave, Quality Wool, Age: 2000-Now, Border color: Gray, Size: 2' 6'' x 20'.

GENERAL Mahal Background Information: Mahal-IranMahal, a name derived from the village of Mahallat in the Arak region, western Iran is one of the most sought after rugs in the market.Mahal rugs are .

GENERALly woven with wool pile, harboring a full spectrum of hues. They come in a range of quality from medium to fine. Medium weaves are woven on cotton foundation and are double wefted using the Persian knot. The antique vibrant color combinations used in Mahal rugs are done with fine dyes which makes them a work of art and absolutely beautiful. They are also highly durable and last for generations.Antique 18th-century Mahal rugs are seen only in the finest retail shops with a high retail value.

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