Harooni Originals - 12x15 Authentic Handmade Aubusson Rug - Aubusson

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Harooni Originals SKU# PIX-731
Rug Type: Area Rug
Pattern: Geometric
Style: Aubusson
Rug for Rooms: Bedroom, Dining Room, Home Office/Study Room, Living Room
Weave: Hand-Knotted
Eco Friendly | For Chairs with Wheels (Living Area) | Kid Friendly | Non-slip | Wear Resistant, Rug for Rooms: Office, Weave: Hand-Knotted
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This Authentic Handmade Aubusson Rug - Aubusson comes with a simple floral bouquet blended with bold patterns. Present the luxury and style with eye-catching colors and unique designs. The overall effect is a beautiful presentation of delightful colors. This rug will add comfort to your home with its mesmerizing colors. Exact dimensions of this rug are 12´ x 15´
History to this Beautiful Handmade Aubusson Rug:
Aubusson rugs emerged in mid-seventeenth century France in the town of Aubusson, inspired by Savonnerie carpets, made by royal staff exclusively for the king. Fine rug weavers copied the techniques and motifs employed by the makers of Savonnerie carpets to make Aubusson carpets, which became very popular among the wealthy upper class. Production of the original rugs ceased after 200 years of work, ending in about 1870.



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