Navy Blue - Coral Handmade Rug Voguish Persian 7x11 ft Fine Wool Rug Qum - IRAN

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About this Handmade Rug: SKU : B-72399 This is a genuine Handmade Persian Qum Rug. It is not machine made, nor hand-tufted, it is authentic hand knotted, recently imported from Iran. Please refer to the last picture (the back of the rug), which shows the authenticity of the weave.

DETAILS: Shape: Rectangle, Country Of Manufacture: Iran, Material: 100% Wool, Pattern: Floral, Rug Type: Area Rugs, Pile: Wool, Condition: Perfect, Age: 1970-1999, Woven: Hand Knotted - NOT Machine made nor Hand Tufted, Size: 7' x 11', Color: Navy Blue, Brand: Harooni, Style: Traditional - Persian/Oriental, Regional Design: Persian Qum, Warp&weft: Cotton, Color: Navy Blue, Design: Persian Qum, Field color: Navy Blue, Exact Size: 6' 6'' x 10' 6'', Woven: Hand Knotted - NOT Machine made nor Hand Tufted, Additional Details: Warehouse Clearance- Never Used - PERFECT, Foundation: 100% Cotton, Age: 1970-1999, Border color: Coral, Size: 7' x 11'.

GENERAL Qum Background Information: Qum-Handmade in Iran This rug is woven in the city of Qum, a holy city to Muslims. It is visited by pilgrimages from all over the world as well as native Iranians.Professional weavers weave the rugs from graphs. It takes many years of apprenticeship for a weaver to achieve the designation of master weaver. Qum rugs can take many months or many years to complete. They are hand-knotted of wool on cotton foundation or of a wool and silk mixture on cotton or pure silk on a silk foundation.The fineness of weave and delicacy of design is rivaled only by rugs produced in Isfahan and Nain. The result of this weave is an almost flawless rug with delicate harmonious design.The colors used in Qum rugs range the full color palette, but tend to be more on the pastel side. Qum rugs are highly prized and are destined to become cherished objects passed on in families for generations.

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